Craft Market Checklist from PAGEFIFTYFIVE

PAGEFIFTYFIVE craft market checklist

Markets can be tough. They are usually long hours, it's a lot of hauling and lugging, you have to be flexible in your booth location, weather can be iffy (honestly, whether it's indoors or outdoors), you have to drive to the location, which is often a ways from home, you have to extrovert all day but in the end, you hope all that work was worth it. I have about 8 years of market experience under my belt and the one thing that has helped me A LOT is having a list of things that I make sure to bring with me to each show. These will vary drastically for each of us, but here are some main staples that you'll want to make sure you have:


  1. Product
  2. A way to take money (swiper, chip reader, and don't forget your dongle thingy if you need one)
  3. Cords
  4. Change (coins and paper) in cash box or apron
  5. Table(s)
  6. Tablecloths
  7. Displays
  8. Signage (pricing signs too)
  9. Company sign (with name and/or logo)
  10. Email sign-up sheet
  11. Bags for orders
  12. Business cards
  13. Tape, Scissors, Markers, Pens, Sticky Tac, string and rope
  14. Snacks, caffeine, water, meds for headache, lip balm, band-aids, gum, hand sanitizer
  15. Extra shoes (I literally do this sometimes) and layers of clothing
  16. Extra battery pack
  17. Phone
  18. Chair
  19. Check to make sure your Square reader app remembers you and you remember the password
  20. Sales tax info/paperwork (and know your local tax rate)
  21. Cart-if you need to lug things from your car into show


  1. 10x10 Tent
  2. Side walls
  3. Weights (the heavier the better)
  4. Cords to attach weights
  5. Multiple Tables
  6. Additional displays
  7. Large plastic bags (weather can get crazy and you never know)
  8. Sunglasses and sunscreen

Shows can be a lot of work and stress, but they can also be a lot of fun, a fantastic way to meet other makers and a way to get great feedback from customers. It's also an excellent way to sell a lot of your wares in a relatively short period of time and see the excitement people have to see things that you actually created. Nothing beats that feeling! I definitely struggle with shows as an introvert, but I just make sure that I give myself rests the day after a PAGEFIFTYFIVE show and try to enjoy the experience as much as I can. And truthfully, they get SO MUCH EASIER the more you do them!

I hope you enjoy this list and it's helpful for you! As always, leave me a comment and let me know what you think, what shows you are doing, or anything that I may have forgotten! If you're a market shopper, I would love to hear what you look for in a booth display and what draws you in to some booths more than others. Happy Friday and thank you for supporting this dream :)

Melissa (p.55)

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