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Craft Market Checklist from PAGEFIFTYFIVE

Markets can be tough. They are usually long hours, it's a lot of hauling and lugging, you have to be flexible in your booth location, weather can be iffy (honestly, whether it's indoors or outdoors), you have to drive to the location, which is often a ways from home, you have to extrovert all day but in the end, you hope all that work was worth it. I have about 8 years of market experience under my belt and the one thing that has helped me A LOT is having a list of things that I make sure to bring with me to each show. These will vary drastically for each of us, but here are some main staples that...

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Hello, Hello! Father's Day is coming up real soon and cards have been flying out of the PAGEFIFTYFIVE headquarters! (and by headquarters, I mean my spare bedroom, but headquarters sounded better ;) ). Along with PAGEFIFTYFIVE cards, I've gathered together a group of fantastic gifts that you can give your dad, husband, uncle, grandpa, or father-figure it your life! (Click on each photo to see the details).   There you have it! All of these products are locally made right here in Colorado, but have no fear-if you don't live locally, all of these companies ship to wherever you are in the world! What are you doing to celebrate this year? My plan is to build a retaining wall in...

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