A New Card: RBG and Birthdays

I love Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for all the same reasons so many of you do too. Here's 15 more reasons in case you didn't have them all :) She's strong, she's outspoken, she's tough and she stands up for what is right (even if, and right now, especially if, it goes against the "majority"). She is someone who embodies the feminist spirit and has made a significant impact for, and on, so many of us. Little girls can look up to her (and dress up like her at Halloween) and adults can aspire to be her. RBG holds a special place in my heart as someone who is leaving a breathtaking legacy in her wake, so I set out to create a card to honor her and the work she has done for more than 6 decades. I debuted it at Horseshoe Market this weekend and it was a huge hit. So great in fact, I had to go home and print more to bring with me on Sunday...and it sold out again! That makes my heart so happy. Not necessarily because it sold out (although seriously thank you all from the bottom of my heart), but because it means that we live in a society that honors and values people like Ginsburg. I basically wanted to hug everyone that bought this card and have a woman to woman fist bump. I didn't-that'd be a little over the top, but you get my point ;) So here it is with all her glory! I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it! (click on the photo to get to purchase)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg greeting card by PAGEFIFTYFIVE

As always, find me over on Instagram (@pagefiftyfive)-where all the magic happens and leave a comment here to chat! Oh and also...if you haven't watched the movie yet, here are all the ways you can! Finally...here's the trailer if you need any more reason to love the Notorious RBG. Enjoy!


Melissa (p.55)

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