Bird Watchers Unite

PAGEFIFTYFIVE birder in Fort Collins

(FYI-this is not a photo I took, but I couldn't help use it cause it's the cutest little thing I've ever seen. I think it's a Kingfischer, which is typically found in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Oceania)

Welp, apparently I'm a birder now. It's a little out of control how, in a matter of two months, I tuned into a 80 year old, retired woman, sitting in my backyard in Fort Collins, Colorado watching the birds eat from the 3 bird feeders I have recently installed. What in the hell?! In my defense, all three are on one pole but seriously...what is even happening?!

Here's the thing though about this new hobby-I'm really LOVING it. Side note: I just recently bought a squirrel baffle because I am NOT loving the damn squirrels trying to eat up all my expensive bird food. But I digress...this new little hobby of mine makes me happy and more importantly, made me realize all the excitement I have going on just in my own backyard. I find myself spotting a bird in the yard, trying to identify them by sight, and texting my friend Beth (the other owner of Makerfolk which is the brick and mortar I own in my city) with every sighting. Who knew this much activity was going on in my little city of Fort Collins.

Are you into birding? The nice thing about this little hobby is, it's cheap. My wife's aunt gave us a pair of binoculars a few years back, so I'm set with those. And I've got a few feeders in the yard. That's all you really need. I've gotten a little extra and added a bird bath and a suet feeder, but those are just me building my bird kingdom back here ;) Also-Beth let me borrow a book (fiction) about a bird researcher called, 'Snapper' by Brian Kimberling and I'm obviously looking for more fictional books about birds. You can follow me on Bookishfolk to see all of what I'm reading and to see what bird books I pick up! AND, I'm already working on some new greeting card ideas at PAGEFIFTYFIVE with my new hobby in mind (I know, but I can't help myself). I've also downloaded an app called Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab and it's a great resource! That's the extent I've gone to so far...but I'll keep you up to date on future birding endeavors.

There you have it folks. That's what I've been up to. Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests since you've been in quarantine?
Hope you're all staying safe and healthy.
Love, Melissa

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